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Willaston Church of England Primary School

Home Learning

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you are all well and staying safe at home.

It is the start of another new week at Willaston CE Primary school and I hope you all enjoyed your learning grids last week. Please find attached your new learning grids prepared by the teachers for this week. Please don’t panic if you didn’t finish what was sent last week. Don’t forget this is sent to help you, if you want it. The work has been prepared in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum and roughly what children would be learning about if they were in school. Also find attached a Life Skills Learning Grid. This lockdown situation is an ideal time to teach children those really important life skills. Good luck! I’m sure you can use this to your advantage and get children to be more helpful at home!

Please be assured that we know how difficult home schooling is. As teachers, we have all experienced the same challenges as you, trying to get our own children to engage in their learning whilst continuing with working remotely at home. It is really tricky juggling everything. It is particularly difficult because children have the comforts of their home surroundings and the distractions that home offers them and they are not used to being asked to do some of the things we are asking them to do at home. Try to make it as fun as possible and try not to worry too much about what they haven’t done and take pride in what you have managed to achieve in these past few weeks.

For those of you with more than one child and more than one learning grid to navigate, my advise would be to encourage children to do some of the tasks together from one of the grids. Children love learning together and teaching a younger sibling is a really valuable experience for both children. This is a strategy that we often use in school. For the older child, verbalising their understanding consolidates their learning and for the younger child they are hearing their learning explained in a different way from the way you have explained something, which might make it easier for them to understand. It is always more fun to work with others than working on your own. 

I would also advise to have ongoing play activities available such as lego, construction, jigsaws, creative craft activities, puzzles etc that children can keep going back to. Try setting time limits on learning grid tasks, say 20 minutes (depending on your child), and then let them have a set period of time on the play activities. Show them the time on the clock. You could turn this into a timetable around your own working needs to help and support you. Children love structure and always want to know what is expected of them and what is happening at what time. If you share your timetable with them they are usually compliant. The other advantage of having ongoing play activities out is that you can then spend the time explaining something to one child on their learning grid whilst the other plays for their set period of time. 

I am very conscious that as parents and carers you have been bombarded with on-line home schooling support through Parentmail and other social media platforms. I know this must feel overwhelming. In future, we will limit what we send out to you on Parentmail. If we think it is something useful we will put it on the Home Schooling Tab for you to find on our website. The teachers will make all the relevant links for you on their weekly Learning Grids to help you.

We are all really missing having that daily contact with the children. Staff are preparing short videos for the children which we have scheduled to send out over the period of time that children are away from school in order that your child can see their teachers. Please look out for these and share them with your child so that they don’t forget us.

We understand that this is really difficult. You are doing a great job. Don’t feel under any pressure and carry on doing the best you can. The only priority at this time is that you are all safe and well as a family. Oh, and that you read every day with your child!

A massive thank you to all the key workers. We really appreciate everything you are doing.

Take good care of yourselves.

Kindest regards

Mrs Chambers and Class Teachers

Date: 28 April 2020

Y6 Home Learning Grid WC 27.04.20.pdf (PDF 200.4KB)
Y5 Home Learning Grid WC 27.04.20.pdf (PDF 697.9KB)
Y4 Home Learning Grid WC 27.04.20.pdf (PDF 709.8KB)
Home Learning Grid WC 27.04.20.pdf (PDF 758.5KB)
Y2 Home Learning Grid WC 27.04.20.pdf (PDF 527.4KB)
Home Learning Grid, WC 27.04.20.pdf (PDF 372.6KB)
Life Skills Learning Grid.pdf (PDF 71.1KB)
YR Home Learning Grid WC 27.04.20 (1).pdf (PDF 482.3KB)