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Hi all,

I hope you are keeping well and safe. I know some of our astronomy efforts during lockdown have not been the most successful, but this one is really cool.

I wonder if you have already heard about this? On 27th March this year, a new comet was observed for the first time and was named Comet NEOWISE. This comet has become so bright as it flies through space you can see it very clearly without the need for a telescope. I first came across it at the weekend and was lucky enough to get some photos - just using my phone (see below). The comet is due to be visible for a little while longer and as the forecast for tonight is quite good, I thought I would let you know about it so you could have a see for yourself (providing the clouds stay away).

The comet will appear in the northern part of the sky. It is quite low in the sky - I had to go upstairs in my house to see it - but there is no mistaking it as its tail is quite long. It doesn't appear to move through the sky - it looks like a shooting star which has been paused.

Maybe you could do a bit of research and find out what makes a comet different to a meteor. What is it made out of? What makes it look so bright? How far away is it? Try and see if you can observe it and take a photo.

Here is some information from Newsround about how to observe Comet NEOWISE

More information:

About comets:

If you do get a photo, maybe you could ask your parents to tweet it to @WillastonCE

Have a great summer everyone, I look forward to seeing you all in September,

Stay safe,

Mr J Ellinson

Outdoor Learning Teacher,

Willaston CoE Primary School

Date: 17 July 2020