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Willaston Church of England Primary School

Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are all well, staying safe and that you had a lovely bank holiday weekend. I hope you found the VE Day learning grid sent on Thursday helpful. Some activities could be used this week alongside your child’s new learning.

Please find attached your child’s Learning Grid for this week. Don’t feel under any pressure to complete everything but it has been provided to help and guide you. Any further resources and ideas can be found on the Home Learning Tab on our school website. From all the lovely smiling photos I have seen, you are clearly doing a brilliant job! Children look happy, safe and secure which is the main thing.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their home learning and the things you have been doing at home. Seeing these wonderful photos, videos and hearing about your experiences and achievements helps us all to still feel connected and part of our whole school community. Thank you!

I have been particularly impressed by the number of photos and videos of children learning really important life skills. Well done to those children who can now ride a bike, put washing in the washing machine, hoover the stairs, send an email etc. These are really important life lessons. 

I know many of you will be anxious about when we are returning to school. As I write this letter, I have not yet heard any Government announcements. (I’m writing this on Thursday 7 May). I will have only heard the same announcement as you did yesterday. Please rest assured that as I receive information, I will communicate what we are doing as a school as quickly as I can. 

I am aware that every family has a unique set of circumstances and that a reopening of any sorts could cause huge anxiety for some parents, for many different reasons. I want to reassure you that our approach to a reopening will be in the interests of the safety and well being of your whole family. Parents will not be put under pressure to take any course of action that they feel uncomfortable with. We will work closely with you to support the education of your child in whatever way we can. 

Have a good week, look after yourselves and have fun! (It is one of our school rules, after all).

Kindest regards

Mrs Chambers and Class Teachers

Date: 12 May 2020

Y6 Home Learning Grid WC 11_05_20.pdf (PDF 268.5KB)
Y5 Home Learning Grid - WC 11_05_20.pdf (PDF 671.7KB)
Y4 Home Learning Grid - WC 11_05_20.pdf (PDF 820.2KB)
Y3 Home Learning Grid - WC 11_05_20.pdf (PDF 419.9KB)
Y2 Home Learning Grid - WC 11_05_20.pdf (PDF 995.6KB)
Y1 Home Learning Grid - WC 11_05_20.pdf (PDF 626.4KB)
YR Home Learning Grid - WC 11_05_20.pdf (PDF 454.8KB)