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Home Learning

I hope you had a lovely Easter break and all stayed safe and well.

Many thanks for your lovely comments regarding our Easter message to you over the holidays. I hope the children liked seeing their teachers on the video.

As promised, please find attached Learning Grids for your child prepared by your child’s teacher. The work planned is linked to the curriculum that they would be covering if they were in school, as far as possible. Teachers have tried to provide links to video clips and resources to help and support. The work is designed to be as practical and investigative as possible.

I hear, and I forget.

I see, and I remember.

I do, and I understand.

-Chinese Proverb

It is not designed for children to sit and be able to get on with it on their own.

Children learn best when they are talking about their learning. Try to ask children as many open ended questions as you can. Why do you think that….? What do you think might happen next? Explain how you think this could work. I have included the link below of a short article which you might find helpful and interesting.

Developing vocabulary is really important. Give children time to think and answer. Don’t do, it or answer for them. Make sure they speak in full sentences and understand the vocabulary associated with their learning. Record the new words that they learn around the house and see how many times they can use the new words in a sentences as a challenge.

We will be sending a new Learning Grid out each Monday. Please do not feel under pressure to complete everything. You do as little or as much as you want to do with your child. We understand that circumstances are different for every family and that you also have the pressures of working from home or having to change your working arrangements. It is not a competition to see which family can complete the most on the grid each week. A few things done well with your child, in depth, with lots of discussion and questioning is far better than wizzing through everything with little or no interaction with an adult. The Learning Grids are to help and support you. Your child is learning all the time and if they are not doing the things on the grid they are learning other, very important things with you.

It is really important though, that you read and enjoy a book with your child every day.

This is a really difficult time for children. Not being able to see their friends and members of their family that they are used to seeing is hard for them. It is important that they feel happy, safe and secure as a priority. There are plenty of additional resources on our ‘Home Learning’ page of our website to support your child if you need anything.

I hope you find the home learning helpful. Please take care and look after yourselves.

Kindest regards

Mrs Chambers and all the staff


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Date: 21 April 2020