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Willaston Church of England Primary School

Partnership letter from Mrs Chambers

Dear Parents/Carers

Following a week of having our first positive cases of Coronavirus confirmed in school, I thought I would write to highlight how important our partnership is at this time. During this next phase of being fully open as a school during the pandemic, we want to ensure children continue to access education in the event of being absent from school due to having to self-isolate. This week we have had three positive cases confirmed in the Year 4 class. It is evident that potentially children could spend a great deal of time being in and out of school, as families wait to have test results confirmed or having to self-isolate for significant periods of time. This will inevitably result in children’s education potentially being very disjointed over time.

We have implemented Seesaw as a platform to provide the activities that your child is missing from school that day. Children will be set a piece of English, maths and either science, history, geography, RE or the arts every day. Children must also read for a minimum of 20 minutes (can be split over the day for younger children), and complete Times Table Rock Stars. It is really important that all children continue to complete all activities set every day. Your child’s class teacher will acknowledge and respond to the work.

We have carefully assessed and planned how we will plug any gaps in learning following the lockdown over the summer term. We are currently working with consultants for English and maths to ensure nothing is missed. This is being built into our planning for this academic year. All children missed the same learning in each year group over the summer, so this has been relatively straightforward for us to plan for. The situation now is that individual children will miss school at all different times and for significant lengths of time in some cases. If children do not complete the activities set each day, it will be very difficult for your child to keep up with their learning set for the class.

Please ensure that your child completes all the activities set on Seesaw. It is really important that they don’t miss anything and we really need your help with this. Obviously, if your child is ill and too unwell to do the tasks that day, please inform the class teacher.

If your child receives a positive test result, even if they are already self isolating due to other cases in the class, please inform us immediately so that we can put the appropriate measures in place. Just a reminder that out of school hours, our email address should be used to inform us of a positive test result for a child. This will allow us to inform everyone of the measures which need to be taken in a timely manner. I will continue to keep you informed as to the situation regarding Coronavirus in school.

Have a lovely weekend

Kindest regards

Mrs Chambers

Date: 16 October 2020