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Willaston Church of England Primary School

Return to School Letter

Dear All,

Please read the attached very important letter from Mrs Chambers regarding returning to school in September.

Further to this letter, I just wanted to provide clarification on a few points :-

  • Lunches - Although it was stated that children should only bring in water bottles with them when they come back in September, and no bags/other items should be brought to school, they will of course be able to bring in their lunchbox, should they not be having school lunches. Please however ensure the lunchbox comes in on it's own and not in another bag.
  • S4YC - We are currently in the process of negotiating some form of wrap around care with S4YC in September and will keep you informed of any updates.
  • Key Worker Provision - it has been a pleasure to look after all our key worker children during the past 4 months. Please note however that the Key Worker provision will cease at the end of term (Friday 17th July).

With many thanks

Mrs Chambers

Date: 14 July 2020

Return To School letter.pdf (PDF 260.9KB)