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Willaston Church of England Primary School

Trainee Guide Dog in playground

Trainee Guide Dog in playground.

“Alexander Beighton (year 2) and his mum Julie are currently looking after a trainee guide dog, Millie, for a few weeks. As part of the dog’s socialisation and development, Julie and Alexander need to expose Millie to as many different sights, sounds and smells as possible – this is to make sure that she is confident and happy in lots of situations. As well as trips in the car, and on buses and trains, Millie needs to practice being around lots of people without feeling scared or getting distracted.

As such, Julie will sometimes be bringing Millie into the playground at drop-off and pick-up – Millie will be wearing her ‘Guide Dog in Training’ puppy coat and both she and Julie are fully insured to cover this scenario.

Please let your children know that Millie is working really hard to be a well-behaved puppy, and she’d really appreciate it if they didn’t distract her. If your child wants to come over and say hello, they should ask Julie if it’s ok, and she will then get Millie to sit down first before the children can give her a stroke.

Please note that this special permission to have a dog on the playground is only granted to cover this guide dog in training, and does not extend to any other pets.”

Date: 09 November 2018