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Willaston Church of England Primary School

Welcome To Year 5

Autumn Term

Welcome to Autumn term!


This term we will get started with a topic which I am sure the children will find very interesting and engaging: slavery and the Atlantic triangular trade. Through this topic we will explore the slave trade that operated from the late 16th to the early 19th centuries, carrying slaves and manufactured goods between West Africa, Caribbean or American colonies and the European colonial powers.

During our English lessons we will read “Harry’s box of freedom”- a true story about a young African slave. This story will give the children an insight of the life conditions of a slave. Through this book we will discuss and evaluate how authors use language considering the impact on the reader. We will practise our inferencing skills providing evidence from the text and the children will retrieve information from non-fiction texts. In writing we will mainly focus on relative clauses, using adverbs or modal verbs to indicate degrees of possibility, the use of dashes and how to create cohesion within a paragraph. Through our English lessons this term we will also work on a refugee project, which I am sure the children will find engaging as well as giving them a better understanding on this social matter.

We will start maths with number and place value, then we will move on to addition and subtraction. As the children become more confident, we will start multiplication and division and extend this to fractions.

In Science we will start the term with forces. Children will explore the effects of gravity; water and air resistance; the difference between mass and weight and they will investigate difference machines- such as levers- to which are used to lift heavy weights with the least amount of effort.

In RE we will start with Christianity and Christian values before moving on to other religions. We will celebrate Harvest as usual with a service in church.

This term year 5 will take part in weekly brass lessons where they will have the opportunity to play the trumpet, the trombone or the cornet. They will be able to show their skills to all the family and friends at the end of the term.  

Reading diaries will be monitored on Tuesdays. Four recordings will be expected of the children every week. Homework will go out every Friday and it needs to be in the following Tuesday. 

Drop in sessions continue to be on every Monday straight after school. Alternatively, you are welcomed to contact the school to make a more convenient appointment. 

Miss Garcia 


Please come back soon!


Newsletter Autumn term.pdf (PDF 419.1KB)
Guidelines for spelling, years 5 and 6, including word lists.pdf (PDF 70.5KB)
Guidelines for vocabulary, grammar and punctuation Year 5.pdf (PDF 63.6KB)
Glossary of terms for English Year 5.pdf (PDF 167.2KB)
HFW list. Help your child with spellings.doc (DOC 250KB)