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Willaston Church of England Primary School

Welcome To Year 2

Summer Term!

This half term our topic is Castles and Dragons. We will be finding out all about fearsome dragons and brave knights in this exciting topic. After half term, we will be using the book ‘The Lost Words’ to learn about nature and recycling. We will be writing information texts and leaflets about recycling.

In History the children will learn about the structure and features of a castle, the hierarchy and roles within a castle and all about different famous Kings and Queens. In Geography the children will research why castles were built where they are. They will create maps and locate castles. They will use atlases, globes and Google Earth. In DT this term we are developing an understanding of mechanisms as we design, evaluate and model our own inventions whilst carrying out scientific enquiries.

Our Literacy work will closely link to our topic this term as we begin to develop our Literacy skills through a variety of different writing genres including a range of narrative pieces. Our texts this term are ‘The Dragon Machine’, ‘Tell me a Dragon’ and ‘George and the Dragon’. We will be focusing on producing writing that demonstrates a control of tense, sentence types and structure as well as including extended sentences using co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions. We will be writing letters to Mrs Chambers to report the naughty creatures in our classroom! We will write a diary entry, create a beware of dragons poster and will eventually write our own version of the dragon machine.

SPaG: During English skills lessons we will develop our understanding of the concept of the possessive (singular) apostrophe, begin the use of adverbs, co-ordinate sentences and will continue to apply a selection of suffixes such as –ful, -less, -ness and-er.

Last term in Mathematics lessons we studied the topics of Addition and Subtraction, Capacity, Time, and Fractions. We have been working hard on using and sharing our reasoning skills and this term we will be developing more complex reasoning and problem solving skills through our Black Belt Challenges. Lessons will now concentrate on measuring, problem solving, missing number sequences and using the four calculation operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in more complex reasoning activities.

Last term we learnt about the basic need of humans and animals, we discussed what things need to do to be living before exploring and comparing the differences between things that are living, dead, and things that have never been alive. We examined our outdoor environment to identify a variety of plants and animals in their habitats before using the idea of a simple food chain to identify key vocabulary such as producer, consumer, predator and prey
Our topic this term is ‘Plants’. We will be exploring and observing how different plants grow. We will also be discussing the features and functions of different plants and will be pressing leaves to extract chlorophyll. Pupils will be introduced to the requirements of plants for germination, growth and survival, as well as to the processes of reproduction. We will be planting our own runner beans and sunflowers and will work scientifically by observing and recording the growth in our bean diaries and setting up a comparative test to show that plants need light and water to stay healthy.

Last term in RE topics were the ‘Kingdom of God’, ‘Forgiveness and ‘Salvation’ and
‘Resurrection’ as Easter approaches. In RE this term we will learn about Christian Discipleship, The Holy Spirit and Creation.

P.E and Forest School
The children will be taught PE every Thursday afternoon and Forest School every other Friday morning. It is important that your child has a fully labelled PE kit in school and wears appropriate water-proof clothing and footwear for Forest School.


Drop-in sessions will be available on Mondays, between 3.15pm and 3.45pm. This is an opportunity for you to discuss with me any questions or concerns you may have.

I look forward to continuing to work with you during your child’s last term in Year 2!

Thank you,

Miss Bell

Summer Term Newsletter.pdf (PDF 360.6KB)
Guidelines for spelling, year 2, including word lists.pdf (PDF 65.9KB)
Guidelines for vocabulary, grammar and punctuation Year 2.pdf (PDF 64.5KB)
Glossary of terms for English Year 2.pdf (PDF 167.2KB)