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Willaston Church of England Primary School

Welcome To Reception Class

Autumn Term!

Welcome to Reception, I hope you had a good summer. Hopefully 
everyone is ready and raring for fun and lots of learning; we have plenty of exciting activities planned.

This term we will be learning about ‘Ourselves’. We will be learning about our body and exploring our senses, tasting a range of foods, as well as smelling some smelly socks!

After half term our topic is ‘Autumn'. We will be thinking about changes that we see and exploring all of the interesting things that we can find. We will be exploring our school grounds looking for signs of autumn, and collecting things for our autumn table in class. We will be using autumn vegetables to make some yummy vegetable soup. Before we chop them up will look carefully and do some observational drawings.

As usual the children will lead the planning and we will follow their interests, ensuring that specific learning objectives are covered. If your child has a specific interest then please let me know, as I will then ensure that this is fed into our planning. It is really important that children are engaged and motivated so their interests really do matter (no matter how odd!).

In literacy we will looking at stories such as ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and ‘The Little Red Hen’ and acting out our own stories. We will also be reading the ‘Gruffalo’ and drawing our own monsters, we will be describing what our monsters look like and labeling them. We will start to use our phonic knowledge to write simple captions. We will be starting to learn our letter sounds using Letters and Sounds. We will be learning a fun action and song for each new sound we learn. We will be going on sound hunts outside and writing in shaving foam.

In maths we will be learning our numbers up to 20. We will be making number lines to count along and playing lots of games such as hook a duck and lotto. We will be finding numbers one more than and one less than. We will be using our shape knowledge to help us build in the construction area.

Please come back soon!


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