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Willaston Church of England Primary School

Welcome To Reception Class

Autumn Term.

Welcome to Reception

We are taught by Mrs Lamb and our teaching assistants is Mrs Edge. We are a very happy and enthusiastic class. We really enjoy designing, making and expressing ourselves through lots of different activities, we love to construct and enjoy role play activities.

We learn through the Foundation Stage curriculum. Our teachers listen to us and enjoy finding out what we are interested in. Then they plan lots of exciting experiences and activities for us based on the things that we like, helping us to learn whilst we are playing.

Through out our time in reception we are learning to be self-confident and independent. We are keen to ask for things that we need help with but aren't afraid to give new and exciting challenges a try. We are making lots of new friends and learning to follow our school rules. We always try our best to listen really carefully.

Our parents are really involved in our learning. They read with us every night. They can even add to our learning journey themselves so that our teachers can see all of the great learning that goes on at home! We invite them in each term to share our new learning.

We are creative and inquisitive learners and are enjoying the start of our journey through school, always with a smile.

This half term we are looking at superheros. We will be focusing on the book Juniper Jupiter. We will be investiagting the best ways to help the superheros escape from ice and making our own superhero vehicles. We will make our own mini-me superheros and will use them to write our own stories. We will be writing lists and making posters, using all of our phonic knowledge.
We will be looking at real life superheros and the roles that they play. To finish our topic we will be having a superhero day!

We will be celebrating Chinese New Year and will be taking part in a range of activities including food tasting and making lanterns.

In maths we will be continuing the mastery approach focusing on one number at a time, introducing each number with a story. We will then link all aspects of maths to it.

As usual the children will lead the planning and we will follow their interests, ensuring that specific learning objectives are covered. If your child has a specific interest then please let me know, as I will then ensure that this is fed into our planning. It is really important that children are engaged and motivated so their interests really do matter.

We look forward to sharing your children's journey through their first year of school.

Please come back soon!


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