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Willaston Church of England Primary School

Welcome To Year 6

Autumn Term


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back after the summer holidays! I hope that it was filled with fun family times!

Since our return to school, I have been incredibly impressed with the enthusiasm, effort and responsibility that all the children in Year Six have shown! We have had a very busy start to the term! From outdoor learning in maths and Forest School to drama in our new Amphitheatre, we have been making the most of our school environment. Here is an overview to what we have been learning about so far:

In maths, the children have worked hard on understanding and manipulating numbers up to ten million. In addition to this, they have compared and contrasted numbers, represented them in different ways, and have solved a range of challenging puzzles and problems. We will be moving on to the concept of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. To continue to support your child at home, here are a selection of websites that will help:, and

In English this term, we will continue to study the book ‘Street Child’. We will be analysing the characters, setting and plot in detail, and our written work will focus on descriptive writing and writing from viewpoints. The children will also develop their own alternative versions relating to parts of the story. They will be developing their reading skills and understanding of different texts by continuing to read and discuss an increasingly wide range of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books or textbooks.

Our Science topic this term has been on ‘Animals, Including Humans’. The children are currently learning about the human circulatory system with particular attention paid to the heart, lungs and bloody vessels. They will also be learning about the impact different lifestyles have on their bodies. 

In Computing the children will be learning how to code and program using a range of apps. In addition to this, they will use computers to research, present and develop information linked to other areas of the curriculum.

During the first half term, our topic focus will be on the British Empire. In the second half of the term, our focus will switch to the Changing State of the British Monarchy.

Mr Graham

Please come back soon!


Year 6 Newsletter Autumn 2018.pdf (PDF 295KB)
Guidelines for spelling, years 5 and 6, including word lists.pdf (PDF 70.5KB)
Guidelines for vocabulary, grammar and punctuation Year 6.pdf (PDF 64.4KB)
Glossary of terms for English Year 6.pdf (PDF 167.2KB)