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Welcome To Year 6


Welcome back!

I hope that everyone has had a restful summer and is returning to school fresh and ready for an exciting term in year 6. 

This term in English, there will be a large focus on understanding and writing non fiction texts. The majority of my work in English is related to our topic and ,through this, we will be studying a range of journalistic writing styles and looking at how to structure and organise biographical writing. There will be a huge focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar, which the children will need to be secure with in order to meet the expectations for writing for the end of the key stage. The children will continue to have a daily spelling lesson and will often have words to bring home that they are required to learn. I always aim to choose a thoughtful class reader to provoke discussion and to give inspiration for writing. During transition week, the chidren enjoyed reading Clockwork by Phillip Pullman. 

Once again there will be many speaking and listening opportunities for the pupils through the term as they develop their presention skills in preparation for high school.

In maths, we will begin the year by ensuring that the children have a real understanding of larger numbers and that they can manipulate them mentally. This understanding will help them when they are selecting which calculations can be solved with written methods or mentally in order to become more efficient in maths. Children will have many opportunities to apply their skills in problem solving activities and will encounter some "Black Belt Challenges" to provoke deeper thinking. 

Our first science topic of the year covers the circulatory system in humans. We will also use this as an opportunity to revise the function of all of the organs and the skeleton, before moving into the topic of evolution and inheritance. 

Our topics for this term are "The British Empire" and "The Changing Power of the Monarchy." During our first topic, we will have a geographical focus as we learn about the countries rued by Great Britain during the Empire. Our second topic will have a historical focus, looking at and comparing all of the monarchs from 1066. 

Forest School will take place each fortnight on a Thursday afternoon. The work covere during these sessions will support and extend the work done in science and in topic in class. 

This year, the pupils will have a weekly lesson delivered by Mrs Robinson and they will be working towards earning a national accredited Arts Award. 

The photographs on the website will be updated regularly. 

Homework will be given out on Friday and must be returned by the following Tuesday.

Please be aware that PE is on Friday and Forest School is on alternate Thursdays.

Please see the newsletter below to find out information about this term's curriculum areas.

If anybody has any issues or questions, remember that drop in is after school on Monday, or alternatively contact the school to arrange a more urgent appointment.

Mr P Hindle

Please come back soon!


September newsletter.pdf (PDF 264.6KB)
Guidelines for spelling, years 5 and 6, including word lists.pdf (PDF 70.5KB)
Guidelines for vocabulary, grammar and punctuation Year 6.pdf (PDF 64.4KB)
Glossary of terms for English Year 6.pdf (PDF 167.2KB)