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Willaston Church of England Primary School

Welcome To Year 6

Spring Term

Welcome to Year Six! After a very busy, yet productive autumn term, it has been great to see the children return refreshed and raring to go! They have shown super engagement in lessons and have approached all areas of the curriculum with enthusiasm and a willingness to further develop their understanding. Keep it up! 


In maths, the children have worked hard on understanding and manipulating numbers up to ten million. In addition to this, they have compared and contrasted numbers, represented them in different ways, and have solved a range of challenging puzzles and problems. The children have also developed their understanding of fractions. During spring term, we will be learning more about:
* Position and Direction
* Decimals 
* Percentages
* Algebra 
* Converting Units
* Perimeter, area and volume

Our sequence of learning is available to view on White Rose Maths Hub.

To continue to support your child at home, here are a selection of websites that will help:, and


In English this term, we will study the book ‘A Story Like the Wind’. We will be analysing the characters, setting and plot in detail, and our written work will focus on flashbacks and newspaper reports. The children will also develop their own alternative versions relating to parts of the story. They will be developing their reading skills and understanding of different texts by continuing to read and discuss an increasingly wide range of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books or textbooks. There will be regular handwriting, spelling and grammar sessions that will be delivered both discreetly and as part of the focus on the shared text.

Following on from the work in autumn term, using our work from 'The Refugee Project' we will learning more about public speaking. By doing this, the children will develop their own two minute speeches based around this very important theme. Moving on from this project, we will be contuing our English work linked to the Read to Write schemes from Literacy Counts. The focus of our learning will be based around the book Hansel and Gretel. Outcomes of this sequence of learning will be that the children will produce a dual narrative, persausive letter as well as a newspaper report, magazine article and narratives. I am really excited to work through the book with the children and cannot wait to see the fantastic work which they will produce!   


Our topic this term will be on ‘Animals Including Humans’ and 'Evolution and Inheritance'. The children will be learning about the circulatory system as well as healthy lifestyles. They will learn more about the role of the circulatory system and its importance to the body. In addition to this, we will cover aspects of balanced diets, exercise and the impact that substances such as alcohol and drugs have on our body. This will also link in with our work on mental wellbeing. More informamtion about this can be found at:

We will also explore the evolution of humans and other animals. We will learn about how various animals have adapted over millions of years to the surroundings in which they now live. The children will learn more about inheritance; finding out how they have inherited traits from their parents and grandparents. 

The children have learnt how to code and program using a range of apps. They will continue to use Code Studio to support their learning.  In addition to this, they will use computers to research, present and develop information linked to other areas of the curriculum. 


During the first term, our topic focus has been on the British Empire. We have found out about the countries that were part of the Empire and the key events that had an impact. These events have included the Indian Mutiny linked to trading by the East Indian Company and The Boer War. In spring term, our focus will progress to learning about the changing state of the British Monarchy, starting with The Magna Carta! 

I look forward to a exciting and productive new year! In the meantime, if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to let me know! 

Here are some websites that you can use with your child at home: 

IXL have separate pages of skills linked to individual Year group. The Y6 page has links to practise both English and Maths skills. Pages are then split into skills of which has a practise question for the children to think about.

BBC Education have produced a whole host of materials for KS2. Follow the KS2 link and then select either Maths or English. Each area usually has an information section for reading, plus an activity and then quiz which is marked online. Some aspects require a subscription.

Education Quizzes is a site with both Maths and English based quizzes which are marked as you go along.

ICTeachers. A site with a range of information and questions – great for revision purposes!

kweb: A range of English games and activities.

Key Stage Two Literacy: Activities to reinforce and practise a range of spelling rules

Spell Zone: A range of activities and games to practise a range of spelling rules and patterns.

Home-Learning-Year-6-Mar-2020.pdf (PDF 809.0KB)
Science Questions.pdf (PDF 739.5KB)
Reasoning Questions.pdf (PDF 759.0KB)
Reading Challenge.pdf (PDF 652.2KB)
Home Learning Map.pdf (PDF 68.2KB)
Grammar Challenge.pdf (PDF 203.6KB)
Digital Footprint Activity Sheet.pdf (PDF 132.7KB)
Arithmetic Challenge.pdf (PDF 95.9KB)
Guidelines for spelling, years 5 and 6, including word lists.pdf (PDF 70.5KB)
Guidelines for vocabulary, grammar and punctuation Year 6.pdf (PDF 64.4KB)
Glossary of terms for English Year 6.pdf (PDF 167.2KB)