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Willaston Church of England Primary School

Welcome To Year 2

Welcome to Year Two! What a strange few weeks we have encountered. Although most of you are not in school at the moment, our learning, education and enriching experiences will continue, just in a different way! I believe that there are real opportunities in every situation. Let us remember this time with our families by playing games, reading stories, and growing plants in the garden together!

Before sharing with you what we will be learning this term, I want to emphasize that the most important thing to do - is for each and every one of you to stay safe and happy! Your safety and wellbeing is very important right now. We have chosen not to send work everyday because we believe that would put you under more stress and pressure than you need at this time. Striking the balance is difficult but we really do not want you to feel under any more pressure than necessary at this challenging time. Although learning (at the moment) will be done at home, there will still be so much for you to learn and experience! Here is what we intend to learn about this term.


We will continue to develop our writing skills through a series of short writing activities and challenges involving genres such as short stories, diary entries, descriptive writing, newspaper reports and non-chronological reports amongst others. There will also be mini grammar and spelling challenges as well as a variety of reading tasks that will aim to develop children's comprehension skills. We also aim for children to continue to engage in, and embrace a wide variety of texts. 

SPaG: English skills lessons we will also develop our understanding of the concept of the possessive (singular) apostrophe, begin the use of adverbs, apply a selection of suffixes such as –ful, -less, -ness and -er and independently use commas correctly for a list.


Last term we largely focused around multiplication and division including developing the understanding of how to use equal groups, repeated addition and arrays to support both concepts. We have also developed our understanding of fractions and link this knowledge to the measurement of time.

In maths, this term we will be covering concepts in line with the White Rose Maths Hub Home Learning sequence. Lessons will now concentrate on problem solving, time, measurement including mass, capacity and temperature, position and direction and will continue using the four calculation operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in more complex reasoning activities.


Our topic this term is ‘Plants’. Some of our home learning activities will include observing and growing our own plants, at home or on our daily walk. We will be exploring and observing how different plants grow. Depending upon when we go back to school we will discuss the features and functions of different plants and will be pressing leaves to extract chlorophyll. We will also be planting our own runner beans and sunflowers and will work scientifically by observing and recording the growth in our bean diaries and setting up a comparative test to show that plants need light and water to stay healthy.


Our topic is ‘Tales, Turrets and Tiaras’. We will be finding out about beautiful princesses, fearsome dragons and brave knights in this exciting topic.  In geography we will research why castles were built where they are, use aerial photographs and google maps, and will find and recognise landmarks and basic human and physical features. 


In history we will learn about all about the structure and features of a castle, the hierarchy and roles within a castle and all about famous Kings and queens, including Queen Victoria. We will also focus on changes within living memory including communication then and now. Throughout the topic we will be looking at materials and their properties, carrying out scientific enquiries and historical investigation.

Forest School

In Forest school we always bring our learning outside and use our amazing outdoor space to enhance our learning in the classroom. Last term we identified different habitats and microhabitats in our local area whilst identifying the 7 life processes of living things (MRS GREN): Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition. To support our maths, we built fraction walls and tally charts using nature. For ideas of activities to do that follow a curriculum similar to forest school with Mr Ellinson, please follow the links on the home learning tab. 


Computing activities can be found on your home learning grids. The children are familiar with how to log into their Code Studio account. In computing, we use our class set of iPads for learning e-safety as well as researching different aspects of the curriculum such as our history and geography topics. We have been using different apps such as, ' Tynker', ‘Incredibox’ and 'Light Bot' to support our coding, logic and problem solving skills as well as the web-based programme Code Studio.

On our school’s website there is a ‘Home Learning’ tab – on there you will find endless resources. They include free documents, links to websites, apps and some subscriptions that are free at the moment as the companies have shared their resources for free during school closures.


Our topic this term is Christianity. We will be exploring local church artefacts and their purpose, for example - the font, alter, lectern, pulpit and other musical equipment. We will look at different roles within a church and will discuss reasons why and how a Church is a special place for Christians and what it means to belong there. We will move on to discuss what it means when someone belongs to a Christian community and what Christians mean when they use the word church. Last term, learnt about how and why the bible is important to Christians and what Jesus taught about God through a number of different parables.


In PSHE we are always thinking about ways to keep ourselves safe and especially now that we are at home. Throughout Autumn and Spring term we used ‘My Happy Mind’ to support our mental well-being. We completed the modules of ‘Meet my Brain’, ‘Celebrate’ and ‘Appreciate’ and recorded our reflections in our ‘My Happy Mind’ journals. It is important to keep using techniques such as happy breathing to support our well-being and to help us to keep calm during this time. Remember how important it is to talk to your family about your worries. Sharing our thoughts and feelings can be very helpful.

As part of “myHappymind”, we will start our next module: Relate. This module is all about understanding how we deepen our relationships with others. We will be doing this by understanding and celebrating our differences. On the home learning tab on this website, you will find a variety of resources linked to all areas of the curriculum. They include free documents, links to websites, apps and some subscriptions that aren’t currently being charged for given the current climate.


Drop-in sessions are usually held every Monday, between 3.15pm and 3.45pm for you to discuss with me any concerns you may have. Obviously there will be no drop-in sessions until we are back in school. However, if you have any updates from children, their work or they just want to say hello, I’m more than happy for you to get in touch. I look forward to hearing about your time away from school when we return and can’t wait to find out about all the exciting activities that have taken place.

Stay safe, look after yourselves and your families and we will see each other again soon.

Miss Bell and Mrs Sperring


The staff at Willaston C of E Primary School are missing their pupils and the entire School community, so here are some little messages from them all.

Easter message
 from Mrs Chambers
Mrs Lamb's 
Easter Story 
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Miss Hughes reading 
Monkey Puzzle.
Mr Ellinson's Forest School At Home 
virtual bunch of flowersrainbow of hope,  recycled bird feederThe Happy Tree

Mrs Chambers
 'Respect' Assembly
Mrs Chambers 
'Compassion' Assembly.

Miss Bell (and Buddy) reading 
There's A Snake In My School by David Walliams
Just a few words to say 
'hello' and we are thinking of you all
Miss Hull's Challenge
Value Ambassadors'Perseverance' Assembly
Miss Chapman reading a story about a Rainbow
Revd Bazely's 'Creation' Assembly
Miss Hull's 'Service' Assembly
'Possible' read by Mrs Robinson
Mr Graham's 'Respect' Assembly
Mrs Lamb's 'Compassion' Assembly
Mrs Chambers 'Perseverance' Assembly
House Captain's 'Creation' Assembly
'Service' Assembly by Miss Hughes & Miss Garcia
Mrs Edge reading 'Meerkat Mail'

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Sending best wishes to everyone.

Take care and keep safe. 

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